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Welcome to the Farm!

Double BB Farms is a local Micro Farm located in Monroe, LA. It is owned and operated by Bryan and Judy Babb. They have one daughter, Nova, who attends ULL. The vision of Double BB Farms is to become self-sufficient by raising livestock, growing fruit and produce and making products used in everyday life, all while leaving as minimal of a footprint it can on the environment. 

Bryan, the green thumb of the pair, is the Vice President of the Master Gardeners of Northeast La plans the layout, the variety of crops, and the rotation of the different crops, to make the small 2.5 acre farm productive. Every inch of the farm is being used. “We have edible landscaping,” as Bryan says. The landscaping consists of your normal annual and perennial flowers and shrubs, mixed in with fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. They have in ground gardens, box gardens, container gardens and even vertical gardens. He tries to grow enough seasonal vegetables to provide for the family and enough to take to markets on occasions. Double BB Farms also is the home to a small herd of Boer Goats and a small flock of “Diva” Chickens as Bryan and Judy call them. Bryan takes care of most of the daily livestock duties including taking care of the Goats, Chickens and a Llama, named Harper. The Boer Goats are meat goats and are being bred and raised to sell for showing but it didn’t start that way. Bryan said the idea of raising meat goats to sell came up when his good friend Chef David Raines opened The Flora Butcher, an old-world butcher shop in Flora, MS. He carries all types of meats and found that there was a demand for goat meat and needed a supplier, “so that is when Double BB Farms went into the goat business”, Bryan said. We also sell fresh chicken eggs, but they go fast, and I am hoping to add some Ducks to the farm in the spring to sell their eggs. We also sell pepper sauces, syrups, pickled okra, preserves, bread and butter pickles, clotted cream, fudge, pasta and much more farm fresh goods, he notes. You can order directly from them through the website or follow them on Facebook.

While Bryan is outside tending to the gardens and animals, Judy can be found in the kitchen. She enjoys spending her time cooking and creating her own line of pet and beauty supplies. Judy says that she has always made her own supplies and products but now she is taking it a step further and making them to sell. She makes hair and skin products that have a coconut oil base and are infused with essential oils. Her line includes lip balm, lotions, sugar scrubs and bath bombs to name a few. All the products made here at the farm are a 100% natural and are child and pet friendly, she adds. You can also order these products and more through the web site or stop by Judy’s Office at 504 Finks Hideaway Rd in Monroe.

We are blessed to have a farm that connects to a larger 400 acre Family Farm and hope to expand in the future but for now it is about all we can handle. The farm is our 2nd full time job the Babb’s say, Bryan works full time for the West Monroe Convention Center and Judy owns and operates Kelsey Klean. The two hopes that one day that Double BB Farms will be their only job because it is truly a labor of love living the farm life. Bryan and Judy invite you to keep up with what’s happening at the farm on Double BB Farms  Facebook page.

Bryan Babb
Farm Director

Farm Director/Master Gardener of Double BB Farms, Husband & Father. Bryan is also Vice President of Northeast Louisiana Master Gardeners Association; Board Member of Northeast Louisiana Goat Masters Association.

Judy Babb
Business Manager

Business Manager of Double BB Farms, Wife & Mother. Judy is also Owner/Operator of Kelsey Klean LLC; Board Member of Monroe Chamber of Commerce; Chairman Of Beautiful Business of the Month.

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