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Farm Camp


    Farm Camp is an opportunity for your child to experience what it's like on a daily basis at Double BB Farms. Your children will make new friends, observe and participate in planting and harvesting activities, learn how to care for our farm animals, create arts and crafts projects, enjoy healthy eating and living lessons, sample freshly picked fruits and vegetables and go fishing!


    Your children will have a great time while learning all about farming! We bet they’ll even sample a fruit and veggie that they won’t try at home!


    We look forward to providing a behind the scenes look at the daily workings of our family micro farm. Our goal is to provide a happy, safe and memorable experience for the campers. We hope that everyone comes away with an appreciation for agricultural and filled with the knowledge of where their food comes from.


    **Our cancellation policy: We do not give full refunds. We will give a 50% refund if you cancel up to 3 weeks before the camp starts. After that we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS!

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