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Rockin' Rub


    We have a Rockin' Rub, a Heavy Metal Scrub and a Lovely Lotion- The Rockin' Rub is coconut oil blended with an essential oil. The Heavy Metal Scrub is coconut oil blended with essential oils and a brown sugar mixture. 

    The lovely lotion is a massage lotion base blended with essential oil... and to make it Fun, and it makes sense since I normally jam out while in the kitchen, we've named each line (scent) after a rock band. Which will be your favorite?? You really need to smell them instead of see them but I'll attach a couple of pics anyway. 


    Guns-N-Roses = Sandalwood Rose
    Nirvana = Sweet Pea
    Jane's Addiction = Amber
    Soundgarden = Eucalyptus
    Pearl Jam = Lavender
    Smashing Pumpkins = Pumpkin Spice


    Everything is made with 100% premium natural ingredients and is animal friendly.

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